Courses offered

Bengal Institute of technology & Management has a rich academic tradition dating back to 2001. It is our belief that we must serve the needs of the individual, the enterprises and the communities from which our students originate. Therefore, the College’s mission is:

To facilitate students’ access to good-quality education.
To create a learning environment which will support students’ personal development and enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and the appropriate skills, including interpersonal ones, which will lead to qualifications relevant to their future employment and career development.
Through the success of the College’s completing students and graduates, to help contribute to the well-being of the enterprises they work for and the economies of their communities.

Diploma Courses

We will achieve this by:

Valuing, and developing to the full, the contribution of our staff.
Working closely with students
Providing training and learning opportunities for students and staff.

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering